Silverbullz Dog Breeder Do not buy there dogs

Nashville, Tennessee 1 comment

Misty at Silverbullz is not to be trusted.We bought a one year old female that was supposed to be potty trained because we didn't have time due to having a young child.

Misty assured us she was but the dog is anything but potty trained.I have tried to contact Misty on numerous occaisions concerning this but once she got her money we havn't heard from her since. BE CAREFUL. She has several phone numbers she uses and some of them are no longer in service.

If you do buy a dog from her, only give her half your money until you know what you have got.Good luck

Review about: French Bulldog.


Granville, New York, United States #24772

A dog can be completely housetrained at one house and not at all in another.If I take my dog to my mom's house, he always pees.

If you do not have the time to housetrain a dog, do not buy a dog.:(

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